Five reasons Andrew Roraback lost Connecticut’s 5th District

By Matt DeRienzo, When a race is as close as last night’s vote for Connecticut 5th District Congress seat, it’s easy to point back to a number of potential factors that could have swung the outcome in favor of … Continue reading

David Moffa pleads guilty in Chris Donovan campaign finance scandal

By Jordan Fenster, Register Staff David Moffa “stepped up to the plate” and admitted his guilt, in the words of his attorney, to conspiring to illegally funnel cash to the congressional campaign of Chris Donovan from business owners who … Continue reading

Elizabeth Esty spends three times as much as Andrew Roraback

Though she started off with more in the bank and raised a bit more during the course of the most recent Federal Elections Commission filing period, Elizabeth Esty spent three times as much as Andrew Roraback, leaving her with less … Continue reading

Democratic Party total rises to $800,000 fighting Roraback

Get ready, Andrew Roraback — the Democratic Party is upping the ante yet again, dropping another $272,000 on media in the 5th District race. That brings the total spent in the 5th District by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to … Continue reading

Elizabeth Esty campaign, Connecticut Democratic Party form joint fundraising committee

By Jordan Fenster, Staff Reporter Elizabeth Esty’s campaign and the state Democratic Party have formed a joint fundraising committee to avoid perpetuating the same fundraising transgression they accuse Andrew Roraback and Steve Obsitnik of committing. The Esty campaign informed the … Continue reading

Democratic central committee member holding two Esty events, complete with Obama cake

A Democratic state committee member is hosting not one but two events with Elizabeth Esty. Audrey Blondin, a long-time Democratic activist and member of the Democratic State Central Committee will be holding a pair of events with Esty, the first … Continue reading

Courant: Esty criticizes Roraback for Boehner fundraiser

As the Hartford Courant’s Christopher Keating reports, Speaker of the House John Boehner is coming to Connecticut Tuesday to stump for Andrew Roraback. According to Roraback’s opponent, it’s further proof that the Republican is a Tea Party vote-in-waiting. “John Boehner … Continue reading

Report: Esty getting funds from friends, Roraback not as much

As Ana Radelat reports in the Connecticut Mirror, Elizabeth Esty is obtaining much of her campaign funding from organizations and individuals with whom she has previously done business. Andrew Roraback, on the other hand is obtaining his funding from new … Continue reading

After scandals, self-funding and Super PACs, 5th District goes to polls

By Matt DeRienzo, Staff Reporter What was likely the most expensive congressional primary in the history of Connecticut draws to a close Tuesday as Republican and Democratic primary voters in the 5th District choose two of seven candidates to square … Continue reading

Roberti surges with help from secretive Super PAC’s attack ads

By Jordan Fenster, Staff Reporter A month ago, Dan Roberti was an unknown also-ran in the race for Connecticut’s 5th District Congress seat, and one poll showed him trailing fellow Democrats Chris Donovan and Elizabeth Esty with only 12 percent … Continue reading

Donovan staff blasting foes for self-funding worked for Lamont, who did same

By Jordan Fenster, Staff Reporter Chris Donovan‘s 5th District Congress campaign has blasted Democratic primary opponents Dan Roberti and Elizabeth Estyin recent days for spending a significant amount of their own money on the race. But it was a different … Continue reading

Dan Roberti loans 5th District campaign another $250,000

By Jordan Fenster, Staff Reporter Democrat Dan Roberti has loaned his campaign an additional $250,000, bringing him to a total of $830,000, second among self-funders in the race for Connecticut’s 5th District Congress seat. Roberti reported loaning his campaign $580,000 … Continue reading

Elizabeth Esty, Dan Roberti join self-funders in 5th District

By Matt DeRienzo, Staff Reporter A majority of the seven candidates running for Connecticut’s 5th District Congress seat are millionaires who are each self-funding their campaigns at levels nearly 10 times the state’s median annual household income. Democrats Elizabeth Esty … Continue reading

Dan Roberti Super PAC will keep donors secret until after primary

By Jordan Fenster, Staff Reporter A “Super PAC” supporting 5th District Congress candidate Dan Roberti is keeping the list of its donors secret until after the Aug. 14 primary election. According to documents filed with the Federal Elections Commission, New … Continue reading

FACT CHECK: Bernier claims Roraback backs illegal immigrant voting (FALSE)

By Jordan Fenster, Staff Reporter In May, Justin Bernier sent out a mailing to supporters claiming 5th District Congress Republican primary foe Andrew Roraback had supported “voting rights for illegal aliens.” That statement is false. In fact, Roraback, a state … Continue reading

Crime, money spice up final 2 weeks of 5th District race

By Matt DeRienzo, Staff Reporter It’s the first time one of Connecticut’s U.S. House seats has been “open” in more than a decade, and it’s one of only two open House seats in all of New England this year. Most … Continue reading

Mark Greenberg calls Islam ‘a cult,’ says he has no plan on health care

Mark Greenberg called Islam “a cult in many respects” and questioned whether it is a “religion of peace” in an appearance on WNPR’s “Where We Live” Thursday morning. His comments came on the eve of Ramadan, Islam’s holiest month. Check … Continue reading

Chris Donovan campaign finance reports show last 3 alleged ‘conduit’ donors

By Mary E. O’Leary, Staff Reporter The 11 people who allegedly signed conduit checks intended to hide the true identity of donors to Chris Donovan’s congressional campaign all have connections to the Greater Waterbury area, some with personal and work connections to … Continue reading