Could Northwest Corner split ticket between Roraback and Murphy?

By Jordan Fenster, Staff Reporter Could voters in Connecticut’s Northwest Corner split the ticket, voting for Republican Andrew Roraback in for the 5th District congressional seat and Democrat Chris Murphy for U.S. Senate? It’s possible. The district has a higher … Continue reading

Citizens Agenda: Small businessman questions impact of stimulus in 5th District

By Jordan Fenster, Staff Reporter Torrington businessman Fran Delaney worries about federal subsidies. He wonders if government spending programs such as food stamps and federal stimulus funds actually prevent economic recovery and growth. In Delaney’s view, much of the federal … Continue reading

5th District Republicans vow repeal of Obamacare, Democrats back ruling

On Tuesday, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld President Barack Obama’s law that requires most Americans to have health insurance. The ruling brought immediate reaction from Democrats and Republicans, including from candidates for Connecticut’s 5th Congressional District all seven of whom … Continue reading

Barely a breath of 5th District scandal at AFL-CIO convention

By Mary E. O’Leary, Staff Reporter HARTFORD – You would never know there was a scandal brewing in the 5th District congressional race. There was only one hint Monday from one of the three Democratic candidates that something bigger than the … Continue reading

5th District Democratic candidates support Obama’s undocumented immigrants statement

By Jordan Fenster, Staff Reporter Democratic Congressional candidates in the 5th District are unanimous in their support of President Barack Obama’s policy statement on young, undocumented immigrants, halting deportation and providing work visas, but they all believe that it’s only … Continue reading

5th District Notebook: Can Chris Donovan survive FBI scandal?

By Matt DeRienzo, Staff Reporter Unless another shoe drops in the FBI investigation of his campaign, as one Democrat put it Monday, surprisingly little may have changed in Chris Donovan‘s prospects of becoming Connecticut’s next congressman from the 5th District. … Continue reading

New Dan Roberti TV ad likely in works by company that worked with Obama

Among Democratic candidate Dan Roberti’s disbursements in his April report to the FEC is a $661 payment to Arlington, Va.-based Putnam Partners, for “Consulting – Media Services.” Putnam was the firm responsible for President Barack Obama’s 30-minute advertisement on the … Continue reading

Andrew Roraback talks Rowland, health care, death penalty, taxes on WNPR

By Matt DeRienzo, Staff Reporter Andrew Roraback defended his positions on the death penalty and tax increases in an appearance on WNPR’s “Where We Live” Wednesday morning, and criticized the lack of transparency Republican 5th District Congress foe Lisa Wilson-Foley … Continue reading

Fact Check: Wilson-Foley says Obamacare cost estimate has doubled: False

By Mary O’Leary, Staff Reporter Republican 5th District congressional candidate Lisa Wilson-Foley claims that estimates on the cost of President Obama’s health care reform law have doubled since it was originally pitched. Actually, the estimated cost of the insurance coverage … Continue reading

Fact Check: Actually, Mike Clark has 15.4 trillion reasons to run for 5th District seat

By Mary O’Leary, Staff Reporter Michael Clark, one of five Republicans running for the 5th District, says there are 14.2 trillion reasons for him to run for office, referring to the national debt. Readers have asked how the current debt … Continue reading