Elizabeth Esty’s campaign continues to hound her republican opponent, Andrew Roraback, on comments made by and Roraback’s support for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Esty’s campaign linked Roraback to Romney’s comments at a private fundraiser that 47 percent of Americans are dependent on government aid in a press release issued Tuesday. And followed it up with another the following day, when Roraback did not respond.

“Fifth District voters deserve an answer from Senator Roraback,” Esty campaign spokesman Jeb Fain said in a release. “Does Andrew Roraback stand by Romney’s claim that 47% of Americans see themselves as ‘victims’ who believe “that they are entitled” to government handouts? While Senator Roraback has expressed great admiration for the Presidential nominee he shares an economic ‘plan’ with, he has also claimed to be an independent voice who will buck his party. But more than 48 hours later, Senator Roraback still hasn’t stood up to or said anything about Mitt Romney’s incredibly outrageous and degrading comments.”

Roraback responded accusing Esty of “hyper-partisanship.”

“Elizabeth Esty continues to demonstrate the kind of hyper-partisanship that has caused the gridlock in Washington that threatens our future and imperils our economic recovery,” Roraback spokesman Chris Cooper said via email. “People have real concerns about their jobs and families in this tough economy — an economy Elizabeth Esty helped destroy by voting for more than hundreds of millions in new taxes and fees and hundreds of millions in new spending at a time when Connecticut families were struggling the most during the recession. The voters of the 5th District want real solutions to their concerns, the solutions that Andrew offers, not baseless partisan attacks and the talking points Esty and her surrogates parrot from the National Democratic Party. Elizabeth Esty has completely embraced the failed status quo — that is becoming more evident each and every day.”

As source material, the Esty campaign provided proof of Roraback’s support for the candidate, including text from a radio interview, a photo from Roraback’s website taken with the candidate, an opinion piece written by Roraback in the Danbury News-Times and $2,000 Roraback donated to the Romney campaign.

“Roraback and Romney share a ticket in the 5th District and a plan that would devastate working and middle-class families,” Fain said Tuesday. “(State) Sen. Roraback needs to let voters know whether he also shares Mr. Romney’s views that he shouldn’t worry about them if they are seniors or veterans, working or middle class,”

In response to the original hit-piece, Roraback told the News-Times, “It’s become increasingly clear that Elizabeth Esty wishes she was running against Mitt Romney. But she’s not running against Mitt Romney, she’s running against Andrew Roraback.”