A political action committee with ties to Linda McMahon and the National Republican Congressional Committee, originally created as a repository of funds for all Republican 5th District candidates, has been reformed to help out Andrew Roraback.

According to an amended statement of organization filed with the Federal Elections Commission, the CT-05 Nominee Fund, formed on July 17, has been renamed “Friends of Roraback.”

Neither the Friends of Roraback nor CT-05 PACs have posted any money raised with the FEC.

The treasurer and custodian of records for the  “Friends of Roraback” PAC is Robert Jentgens, identified as the controller for the NRCC.

Jentgens has a long history in Republican Party politics. Mitt Romney’s former deputy finance director, Jentgens launched three super PACs in 2011, in  Iowa, Florida, and South Carolina, according to an article by the Center for Responsive Politics.

In addition to aiding Romney’s first presidential campaign in 2007, Jentgens served as treasurer for Linda McMahon’s 2010 U.S. Senate bid.

Nominee funds are often set up by large, national organizations, as a way to generate money during the primary that is then offered to whichever candidate runs in the general election.

NRCC spokesman Nathaniel Sillin said that “nominee funds like this one are common for both parties.

“Democrats and Republicans create nominee funds frequently,” he said. Andrew Roraback’s campaign did not immediately return requests for comment.