By Jordan Fenster, Staff Reporter

Chris Donovan‘s 5th District Congress campaign has blasted Democratic primary opponents Dan Roberti and Elizabeth Estyin recent days for spending a significant amount of their own money on the race.

2010 File Photo: Ned Lamont (AP Photo/Jessica Hill)

But it was a different story when those same campaign operatives were working for millionaire Ned Lamont, who also used his personal fortune to bankroll his runs for Senate and governor in 2006 and 2010.

When asked if the $199,000 the campaign spent on legal fees pertaining to Stan Twardy’s independent investigation into allegedly illegal fundraising practices had hurt the campaign, Donovan spokesman Gabe Rosenberg said no: “Not nearly as much as not having the combined $1.3 million our millionaire opponents have put into their own campaigns.”

Rosenberg worked for Lamont during the 2010 race for governor. Lamont spent $9 million of his own money against now Gov. Dannel P. Malloy in that race.

Swan worked for Lamont, founder of Lamont Digital Systems, in 2006 during a campaign for U.S. Senate, in which Lamont spent almost $17 million of his own money.

“This election isn’t about the people who work for candidates, it’s about the candidates who work for the people,” Rosenberg said in response to the Lamont point. “This isn’t about how the 2006 Senate race was funded, but whether millionaires like former Representative Esty and Dan Roberti are trying to buy the election against the true progressive candidate Chris Donovan.”

Chris Donovan, Connecticut 5th District Congress Candidate 2012

Chris Donovan, Connecticut 5th District Congress candidate.

“Chris’ campaign is powered by the grassroots,” Rosenberg said, “working families, progressives, and union members who live in towns all across the 5th Congressional District who want a leader that, when it matters, will stand up and always represent them, not corporations or the ultra-rich. Chris has always stood up to protect education and health care for children and seniors, while never being afraid to make millionaires pay their fair share in order to protect the middle-class. The other candidates can write all the personal checks they want, we have the people on our side.”

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