By Jordan Fenster, Staff Reporter

When Republican 5th District Congress candidate Mark Greenberg touted an endorsement from conservative pundit and political consultant Dick Morris, one thing he neglected to mention is that Morris is being paid by his campaign.

Candidate Mark Greenberg talks with TV news before the 5th District congressional Republican vote. (New Haven Register Photo/Peter Casolino)

Morris will take part in a meet-and-greet in Southbury Aug. 7 hosted by the Greenberg campaign.

“Dick Morris will be compensated for his appearance the reception and book signing on Aug. 7 which is free to the public, however the terms of compensation have not been finalized,” a Greenberg campaign spokesman said in an email.

The campaign said that Greenberg’s endorsement by Morris is not connected to the campaign paying him.

When Morris endorsed Greenberg last month, he heaped praise on the candidate.

“This is one of the best chances for a Republican Party takeover of an open seat,” Morris said in a release issued by the Greenberg campaign. “Mark is someone who can go up against the Democratic machine.”

The campaign said discussions about the paid meet-and-greet began after Morris offered his endorsement.

Morris did not return requests for comment on this story.

The meet-and-greet with Morris will take place from 7 to 9 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 7, at the Crowne Plaza Southbury, 1284 Strongtown Road.

Morris will be available for photos and will sign copies of his new book “Screwed: How Foreign Countries Are Ripping America Off and Plundering Our Economy – and How Our Leaders Help Them Do It.”

A free copy of the book will be available to the first 150 attendees, and the event is free for attendees.

When asked if Martin Luther King III was compensated for his appearance at an event hosted by 5th District Congress Democratic candidate Dan Roberti Thursday, campaign spokesperson Mary Moran said “The campaign does not pay for appearances.”

“There was a fee paid by the campaign for an adjustment to an airline ticket charge so that Martin Luther King III could stay later,” she said, but that was it.

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