Kevin Rennie of Daily Ructions reports that Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton is supporting Lisa Wilson-Foleyin her bid for the Republican nomination for Connecticut’s 5th District Congress seat.

Lisa Wilson-Foley (Register Citizen Photo/Rick Thomason)

The Wilson-Foley campaign made it official on Tuesday morning.

“Lisa has proven to be a hard-working candidate and an extremely effective campaigner,” Boughton was quoted as saying in a release from the campaign.  “I know that with her experience as a job creator and a business leader she will provide a clear contrast to the Democrat nominee this November and give Republicans the best chance to win this election.”

“Mark Boughton is an exceptional leader in our Party and to the people of Danbury,” Wilson-Foley said. “His endorsement is very special because Mayor Boughton has proven he knows how to win Democrats and Unaffiliated voters. His support and guidance will be a major asset to our campaign.”

Rennie, who has been extremely critical of Wilson-Foley’s connections to former Connecticut Gov. John Rowland, raises questions about the rationale for Boughton’s support.

“Developments in Danbury suggest there’s more at work than preference for Wilson-Foley over the other four candidates,” he writes. “Boughton … has been known to be scathing in private over Wilson-Foley’s political beliefs and intellect in general and specifically what he often characterized as her support of Obamacare during (his 2010 campaign against her for lieutenant governor).”

Boughton is considered to have strong aspirations to make another run for higher office. He ran for governor in 2010, but dropped out to seek the lieutenant governor’s spot as Michael Fedele’s running mate.

Tom Foley beat Fedele for the Republican nomination, but in the same primary, Boughton beat Wilson-Foley and was paired with Foley on the November ballot. The team was narrowly defeated by Gov. Dannel Malloy and Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman.

Some expected Boughton himself to run for the open 5th District Congress seat. When he did not, the assumption among many Republicans was that he was gearing up for a 2014 run for governor.

Danbury has the most Republican votes of any community in the 5th District, and along with greater Waterbury, none of the five candidates seeking the party’s nomination have a natural connection to it.

Mark Greenberg narrowly won Danbury in the 2010 primary over Justin Bernier and overall Republican primary winner Sam Caligiuri.

Boughton’s endorsement comes four days before the state Republican nominating convention and after weeks of controversy surrounding Wilson-Foley’s connections to Rowland.

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